Alcantara Pannel

Alcantara Suede

Alacantara Suede is among the most sought after car interior fabrics, as it blends durability with a soft, synthetic feel. The unique chemical blend that makes such a material possible originated in Japan, but took root fully when applied by Italian manufacturers. 

What resulted was a finish that’s ideal for a warm environment, as when Alacantara Suide is applied to a steering wheel, it is soft to the touch yet easy to maintain a grip upon even with sweat or water present. The material breathes quite well, which has a positive impact on both the ease of cleaning and overall longevity of it for users.

The soft texture is often also applied to the seats and liners of a car as it offers plush surfaces with a sharp, clean aesthetic. At Premium Auto Fabrics, we offer a wide variety of colors so you can get that exact fit for your car’s unique aesthetic. Cobalt blue, red wine, sand gray, are just a few of our Alacantara Suede options, and within our collection, there’s sure to be one that suits your tastes and needs.

This unique suede can handle heat far better than leather or pure synthetics, and as it has a matte finish, it does not reflect light which could dangerously blind a driver.

Premium Auto Fabrics proudly offers Alacantara Suede in a variety of timeless color choices, and as it is a default option for top-tier car manufacturers such as Lamborghini, and Porshe, and Audi, buyers can rest easy as they have a fabric that’s proven to maintain durability and quality for years to come.

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