Paloma Leather

Paloma Leather

When you want a true leather finish for your car, there’s no choice that satisfies quite like Paloma leather. Its iconic grain pattern is instantly recognizable for its visual appeal and soft touch.

Paloma leather has a storied history of quality behind it. A popular choice for high-end automotive manufacturers like BMW, Paloma leather is possible through a unique blend of dyed upholstery leather and pigmentation to attain precise, subtle shades without losing any of the texture’s visibility. Afterwards the material undergoes light finishing treatments to further fortify the durability of the fabric while also evening out the color throughout the piece.

When it comes to color choices for Paloma leather, you won’t find a collection like Premium Auto Fabric’s anywhere else. From classic red leather to vintage white and everything in between, there’s sure to be shade that makes your dream car complete.

With just this one car interior installation, any car can be instantly transformed from forgettable into a lush compartment driver’s won’t want to leave. It makes even the most ordinary surfaces soft, is resilient towards daily wear and tear, and lasts far longer than other car upholstery fabrics.

Breathable and beautiful, Paloma leather has all the understated grandiosity of leather with a modern stylistic flair. For a rich, luxurious feel that’s perfectly matched to complement a car’s exterior, Paloma Leather stands alone as an easy choice for auto fabric.

See our full collection here, and before you know it, you can have top of the line Paloma leather delivered to your doorstep and installed in your car in just a few days.

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