Paloma Vinyl

Paloma Vinyl

The quality of car interior upholstery fabrics has only increased with time, and there’s no better option than Paloma Vinyl on the market today. Paloma Vinyl is instantly recognized around the world due to its signature grain style that is buttery soft to the touch.

All fabrics that fall under the Paloma umbrella typically enjoy benefits such as increased durability, resistance to heat damage, and general longevity. It’s these attributes that first caused it to be adopted by premium car manufacturers like BMW, who saw in the material something easy to install and effective even under the most intense racing conditions.

At Premium Auto Fabric, we have fourteen different color options ranging from white leather to magnolia and cork. These strong neutral colors match well with almost any car interior and create a more cozy, soft atmosphere. For those who plan to be on the road and in their cars often, it only makes sense to outfit it with a material that will make it a pleasant, enjoyable place to spend time.

Compared to original leather, Paloma vinyl is far more affordable and easily sourced. All of our offered choices come with over three hundred hours of UV protection, and typically once broken in, Paloma vinyl becomes even softer to the touch, while still looking sleek and stylish.

If you are in the market for a new car fabric and would like to transform your interior from pedestrian to extraordinary, Paloma vinyl is the material that your car needs to meet. Contact us today and we can have samples of this stunning faux leather material on their way to you.

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