Ultraleather Polyurethane

If you want the most cutting-edge leather replacement on the market, there’s simply no better option than Ultraleather. Premium Auto Fabrics right now offers this unique, 100% polyurethane fabric that comes backed with flexible polyester and rayon. This unique blend gives Ultraleather the durability of a synthetic and the softness of true leather.

Ultraleather is ideal for those who want their fabric to be sourced from animal-friendly processes, or for those who value car interior fabric longevity highly. As a synthetic, Ultraleather maintains its temperature even under aggressive weather conditions. It’s unlikely to crack or break when it is cold, nor will it lose its shape and feel when warm. Ultraleather is highly resistant to abrasions, UV, and water damage, so for those who are out and about often with an active life, it’s an ideal match.


Premium Auto Fabric right now offers a diverse twenty-two color option spread for its customers, from weathered pecan to diplomat blue. We offer a lighter tone selection of colors as owners of Ultraleather enjoy a surface that does not stain easily and has mildew resistance built within the fabric.

Cleaning and repairing Ultraleather is far less sensitive compared to other fabrics, and if a tear should occur, it’s incredibly easy to fix without compromising the integrity of the entire area.

Whether you want to outfit your car, motorcycle, or RV with a hearty fabric soft to the touch but tough as nails, Ultraleather is a fine choice for car upholstery, which is why its popularity has soared in recent years among motor enthusiasts.

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